10 Signs You Have a Termite Infestation


Termites are tiny insects that can cause significant damage to your home. It’s important to be able to recognize the signs of a termite infestation so you can take action right away. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 common signs that indicate you may have termites in your home.

1. Hollow-Sounding Wood

One of the most common signs of a termite infestation is hollow-sounding wood. If you tap on wooden surfaces in your home and they sound hollow, it could be a sign that termites have been feasting on the inside of the wood.

2. Discarded Wings

Termites swarm in the springtime to reproduce and establish new colonies. After swarming, they shed their wings, leaving behind piles of discarded wings near windowsills and light fixtures.

3. Mud Tubes

Termites build mud tubes to travel between their colonies and a food source. These tubes are typically found along the foundation of your home or on walls. If you notice mud tubes, it’s a strong indication of a termite infestation.

4. Frass

Frass is termite droppings that look like tiny wood pellets. If you find piles of frass around your home, especially near wooden structures, it’s a sign that termites are present.


Being able to recognize the signs of a termite infestation can save you time and money in the long run. If you suspect you have termites in your home, it’s important to contact a pest control professional right away to assess the situation and come up with a treatment plan.

We hope this blog post has been helpful in identifying the signs of a termite infestation. If you have any questions or would like to share your own experiences with termite control, please leave a comment below.

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